Who am I?

2019/01/27 2019/03/13   

My name, unless the domain name and the front page of my website did not already make that clear, is Martin Falk Johansson. I’m currently in the very end of my studies to become a web developer doing my final examination (that includes both front end and back end development). I’m focused mainly on JavaScript (ES6 and all the newest buzz) and I have used React extensively, along with Redux some times. I have done Node.js and PHP development, along with MongoDB and MySQL/PostgreSQL – I do prefer Node over PHP though.

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A part from named technologies, I of course know HTML5 and CSS, and I am quite familiar with preprocessors for CSS like Sass, as well as using Post-CSS. I know how to set up Webpack and Rollup, I’m not afraid of .babelrc and I have experience of i18n in React. I actually like writing documentation, which I have come to understand is not that common, but I enjoy expressing myself not only in code but also in words.

Outside of the computer I am a heavy tea consumer, either holding a cup of tea in my hand, or just about to make a new one. As a person I am a bit of a living encyclopaedia and I have a databank of a lot of, sometimes unnecessary, information about almost everything in my head. Except sports and cars, I know nothing about those.

I am a huge language geek and I try to learn language in my spare time, or rather that little time that is left after all the other obligations in life has taken their share. While I do enjoy modern living language, the nerd in me will always favour the dead languages of the ancient world. I can read cuneiform (with the help of a sign list and a dictionary) and I’ve taken courses in spoken latin.

The last couple of years I have volunteered for Stockholm Pride every summer working with the communication team. I have written and edited texts for the web page and social media, answered questions in social media, and help manage the web page.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me using the links in the footer. There you can also find my GitHub account, in case you want to see any of my code.